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Enter the fastest-growing markets in the EMEA/APAC region and connect to 200 million users,
B2B customers and top VCs.
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How we make big things working
  • Startups
    We connect industries leaders with validated startups, help doing SEO & ORM / leadgen to build business ecosystem and make use of synergy effects.
  • Influencers
    We proviide influencers tools to monetise with. We link the solution, with facilitators, our agents – that is called Book of Metaverse opportunities, or MetaBook agent network. We prepare a sale of franchise to 200 countries, in form of NFT DAO.
  • Web3/ Metaverse Startups / Creators / Game Producers
    We provide tools for selling assets. We have direct relationships with infrastructure leaders, as well with leading payment operators in social media and game industries, and Netflix, which plans to become the leading game producer.
Opening wide opportunities
Step 1
Opening business/ hiring 2+ employees in UAE costs are $100K+.
In MX Hub you get virtual representative office, registration/ licensing etc., at a fraction of cost of doing business in UAE.
Most important: we can assure your success, with an innovative B2B2C platform, XR-Labs, Aimedis and other partners, And 36 Investment funds in our network.
Step 2
Signing for membership in MX Hub B2B2C promo channel, and getting one of success plans. We share success reward with our ecosystem.
If you’re committed to Sharing principles, you could be the exclusive service provider in your category.
Sharing Success with our Edtech network: freelancers and students, ready to promote you to clients in their countries
The best environment for your business
Phygital MetaHub is creating the most prosperous ecosystem of Metaverse providers, under the roof of Dubai government. Dubai has emerged as the most attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors from around the world
Establishing Remote Teams and Virtual Representative Office
Lead Generation of International ClientsUnique Experience
Expanding into the fastest-growing MarketsGood Support
Acquiring Clients
Localization / Acceleration / Business MatchmakingIndividual Approach
Validation of Startups for Top Investment Firms
Join millions of users, startups, and
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